Mission Statement

As members of the St. Adalbert Preservation Society, our mission is to advocate to save our St. Adalbert Church and to represent the various generations of settled parishioners at St. Adalbert utilizing available resources. We gather as a united community that worships together and supports one another in spiritual growth, leading us closer to Christ. We will endeavour to help foster the legacy of the Polish community who originally built the church and to help in maintaining the traditions of the current community of the faithful in St. Adalbert: the Mexican American. Both communities have strong Catholic backgrounds and will stand united with any future people of good faith who will find the doors of St. Adalbert open to them, no matter what their nationality.  We take initiative to raise the funds necessary for both the repair of the church’s towers and to maintain the structural integrity of the church in the years to come to continue to practice our Roman Catholic religion as a faithful community.
If you have any further questions or would like to become involved please e-mail: